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At DF Studio have produced over a hundred documentary-style film and video commercials screened on television, in cinemas, and across the internet. We have become experts at “real-people” based commercials. Working effectively with non-actors is a unique skill that we have mastered over the years working with documentary content along the way. As a result we produce commercials that effectively blend the boundaries between commercial intent and onscreen authenticity. We approach commercial content from a documentary standpoint. As a result our video commercials distributed across social platforms and on Youtube average over 95% of like/dislike ratio and provoke commenting and discussion.


    Stokrotka- Locally Baked Bread


    KEINO Agency


    Video Shoot & Production Editing, Sound Design, Color Correction & Delivery of Social Media Formats

Stokrotka TV Commercial

KEINO agency approached us with the brief to shoot a 30 seconds television commercial and a longer social media video for Stokrotka, a Polish FMCG retail brand. The central message was that Stokrotka markets start selling bread and buns offered on the spot fresh out of oven.

Since bread holds a special place in Polish culture, the story needed to be told authentically and respectfully. We adopted semi-documentary approach, mixing the carefully pre-planned shots with some improvised scenes. We conducted a very long interview with our central character to pick just over 20 seconds of final audio VO content.

The resulting commercial is a warm, authentic, and beautifully shot piece of content that was used for an intensive 45 days nationwide TV campaign promoting the brand. The additional 2-minute long version proved to agin a very positive feedback on client’s social media channels thus consolidating the brand’s central message as honest, local and close to people.


    Social Commercial


    Doloslaskie Voivodship, Poland


    Creation, Concept Development, Media Production & Postproduction, Campaign Imprementation

THE MOST IMPORTANT – Social Commercial

Our client, Dolnoslaskie Voivodship,  wanted to reach general audience through social advertising campaign with the message: look, here’s how European Funds transformed our region for the benefit of every citizen.

Typical communication of the benefits that European Funds bring to a region is informational: here’s how many projects we have implemented and how much money got invested in all the different infrastructure for common purpose. The problem with this approach is that audiences can’t connect with that message emotionally. We tried to change that and show not just HOW the EU funds transformed this region but WHAT FOR really? We created a concept based on real people living in all the different villages and cities of Dolnośląskie and asked them just one question: What is all that for? What is most important really?

“A beautiful, thought-provoking video that helped us move a step up in the communication of European Funds benefits. We have received a very positive feedback from all our partners and are about to embark on wide distribution in cinemas, TV, VOD and on YouTube.”
Magdalena Kula, Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Dolnośląskiego


    The Renaissance Hotel Warsaw Commercial


    Huee Agency, Warsaw


    Video Shoot & Production

Renaissance Warsaw Chopin Hotel Commercials

Huee agency capproached us with a task to produce a series of five promo commercials presenting Renaissance Warsaw Airport Hotel commissioned by Marriott International. We needed to make sure the videos are consistent with Renaissance Hotel brand values and created with target audience in mind “Our guests are the Discoverers – living a life less ordinary, they immerse themselves in local life and culture, combining the neighborhood to encounter the unusual, that special something more. They are confident, curious and experimental. hunting for opportunities to explore, to learn and to grow”.

Our goal was to produce inspiring commercials presenting hotel’s different offerings, from stylized interior design through culinary offerings to on-site recreation facilities. The style of the presentation was to go hand-in-hand with brand values: independent, intriguing and indigenous – driving personality, curiosity and authenticity. On the shoot we attempted to translate these concepts to imagery through the use of specific framing and camera movement techniques best evoking the brand values.

Renaissance Hotel. The Art of The Experience series of commercials have been used as supportive content in the campaign launching the Renaissance Warsaw Airpot Hotel in 2018. Within the scope of 4 months the hotel achieved international recognition and high volume of clients. 

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