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We believe in documentaries. We believe in their power to influence people and inspire them to take action and bring about change.

We have produced over 60 documentary films of varying length and theme, from short people’s profiles for social media and YouTube, through TV and VOD documentary films, up to feature documentaries with theatrical and Virtual Reality Cinema distribution.

At DF Studio aim to provide premium documentary film content, both in terms of storytelling and production values, no matter if it’s destined for YouTube, TV or the big screen.

For our work we have been honored at numerous film festivals and film industry contests both in Poland and abroad.  Among others we have been received four consecutive Winner Awards at Camerimage Film Festival (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020) for documentary film (short form). 


Recent documentary film credits:

Podkarpackie to Ty (2020)- feature documentary film (YouTube Premiere) for Podkarpackie, Poland
Wiem Że Warto (2020) – 4-part documentary series for YouTube for Arche, Poland
#ZaktualizujKontakty – 3-part documentary series for Facebook and YouTube for CPRDiP, Poland
PL/RUS Love (2019) – medium format TV + YouTube series (7 episodes) + theatrical screening for CPRDiP, Poland
The Remembered (2019) – feature documentary for HeadFirst Arts&Media, USA
Katyn. Pro Memoria – short documentaries for interactive cross-media project for CPRDiP, Poland
Jevgeniya and Her Masks
(2018) – short documentary for Compass Light Medial, USA

My Road to UN (2017) – documentary film (YouTube + social media) for the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Porto & Douro with Ambassador (2017)  – travel documentary film for the Polish Embassy in Portugal
A Stroll with Ambassador – Paris, Athens, Zagreb, Kiev, Lisbon, Rome (2016) – 6×12 minutes travel documentary series for the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Heroes of War: Poland (2016) 5×45 minutes documentary series produced for Sky Vision, UK
Searching For Hell (2016) – feature documentary film, coproduced with Opeongo Road Productions, Canada and HeadFirst Media, USA. 

Branded  Feature Documentary Film

Title: Podkarpackie is You (74 mins)
Distribution: YouTube Premiere 10.11.2020
Format: HD + 4K
Brand located: European Funds

Podkarpackie is You is a branded content feature documentary film (74 mins) produced at DogFilm Studio for Podkarpackie Region in Poland. We were approached by Podkarpackie with a request to produce an inspiring film content that would help locate the European Funds brand in the region. At DF Studio we created the concept, developed and produced a feature length documentary film intertwining life-stories of nine protagonists who decided to make a difference in the region with the support of EU funds. Their stories, inevitable ups and downs, the hardships and the taste of success, they all make up an inspiring documentary about people who care. 

The film reached over 50k views on YouTube (HD and 4K versions combined) with way above average viewing time of 47 minutes, over 200 comments (YouTube + Facebook) and an excellent 94% overall like/dislike ratio. It’s been awarded Honorable Mention Award at Camerimage Film Festival 2020.


Title: Searching For Hell (86 mins)
Distribution: Festival Circuit, VR Cinema, Amazon Prize, Reelhouse
Format: HD

Searching For Hell is an original production developed by DogFilm Studio and coproduced with Opeongo Raod Production (Canada) and Interstitch, USA. 

The documentary starts out as a quest to discover the truth behind the story of digging a hole to Hell – the deepest bore hole in the world, in Siberia, in the 1980s. From there, it continues a journey across different continents, cultures and ideas, in an attempt to discover what Hell really means today.

Searching for Hell debuted during Virtual Reality Days at Open City Documentary festival in London as the first feature documentary film in Virtual Reality Cinema, setting up a new standard in independent film distribution. 

The documentary has been screened at Oxford Film Festival, UK, STTP FIlm Festival in Bucharest, Romania, Viva Film Festival in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Nina Beta Version New Media Festival, Warsaw, Poland. It has also been shown for two months at Pier-2, Contemporary Art Centre in Taiwan as part of VR FIlm Exhibition in Taiwan. 

Searching For Hell is now available worldwide on Amazon Prime VOD and Reelhouse VOD. 

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